Ottobine Mill

Paulís Mill was in operation from 1796 until 1958. Waterground flour was made at this mill which was powered by a flume from Beaver Creek which ran through Ottobine Farm.

  Ottobine, like many villages, grew up around a gristmill. The Isiah Shipman family built this mill originally in the 18th century. The Shipmans sold it in 1814 to Abraham Whitmore and in 1840 his heirs conveyed it to Peter Paul, Jr. (who was the husband of Maria Whitmore). In 1838 Ottobine was declared a place of muster for a rifle company commanded by Captain Jonathan Speck, who lived on Dry River. In the Register of April 7, 1838, is found a notice ordering of the rifle company attached to the 145th Regiment of Virginia militia, Ďto parade on the 2nd of April, at Paulís Mill, Beaver Creek, Rockingham County'. The storeroom of Paulís Mill was made a voting place in the early 1840ís. Peter Paul, Jr.; was named a justice of the peace of Rockingham County July 16, 1855. Peter Paul Jr. was named postmaster at Ottobine in 1852 and held the position until the Ottobine office was discontinued February 28, 1859. The mill and voting house are still in place..